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Our Marketing Consultation services provide businesses with expert guidance and tailored strategies to improve their marketing efforts. Our team of experienced professionals work closely with clients to analyze their current marketing plans, identify areas of improvement, and develop customized solutions to achieve their goals. With our services, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts and achieve greater success in their industry.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy by RMMC - Build Your Online Presence Today

At RMMC, we offer a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that covers all aspects of your business. Our service includes mental identification, visual identity, marketing stages, digital marketing strategy, monthly messaging plan, and a mechanism for updating the strategy. With our expertise in interviewing stakeholders and studying the emergence of digital competitors, we ensure that your brand identity and values are effectively communicated to your target audience. Take the first step towards a successful digital presence with RMMC.

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy model covers every aspect of your digital presence. We perform in-depth stakeholder interviews and competitor analysis to create a plan that includes the following:

Mental Identification

We'll define your brand orientation and benchmark how your competitors represent themselves in front of customers. Our analysis includes mission and objectives, brand positioning, type, important facts, and marketing slogan.

Marketing Stages

We'll guide you through the three main stages of marketing: awareness-raising, emotional, and behavioral stages.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our 5W approach will provide answers to essential questions such as what products and services to highlight, who your target audience is, why customers should choose you, how to communicate with them, and when to deliver messages and ads.

Visual Identity

Our experts will determine your main and secondary colors, fonts, logos, and patterns that will enhance your brand recognition.

Monthly Messaging Plan

We will develop a detailed plan for the messages you'll deliver to your customers based on your digital marketing strategy.

Mechanism for Updating the Strategy

We'll also provide a mechanism for keeping your strategy up-to-date, ensuring your business remains competitive.

Revamp Your Digital Presence with Our Customized Strategy!

Looking for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? Our team has developed a model that covers every aspect, from brand identity to messaging plans. Let us help you stand out online. Contact us now.